This is the "Wikipedia" of examination preparation. 


ExamCircle is co-founded by Dr. O'Connell and Matt Harris. They are people with tremendous experience and passion for test prep, and they're on mission to address the access gap to high-quality test preparation products and to reduce the soaring cost of medical education. Their goal is to make test preparation effective, free, and not tied to a particular publisher or test preparation company.

It's time to bring the test prep experience up to speed with technology.

Here's how: 

Content is crowdsourced. Rather than studying with questions written by authors, they are sourcing their Qbank from you. Sometimes writing questions and explanations that others can use can be the best study tool of all. Add questions that you think others will benefit from seeing. Participate as a contributor, an end user, or both.

Content is regulated. Their system allows people to flag "bad" questions so that they will be removed from the database. Additionally, contributors will be rewarded for adding quality practice questions. All of this happens in real time so the question bank remains constantly effective, relevant, current and fresh. 




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