Book description

Will medical school make or break you? Whether you’ve just gotten your acceptance or are already in the cadaver lab, you can get through (relatively) unscathed by learning from those who’ve already survived and thrived. Herein, we provide you with the hard-won tips, tools, and insights that helped us to excel during those four grueling years. Beyond providing study tips, we draw on inspiration from fields like psychology, neuroscience, education, business, and even self-help to assemble a complete guide to accelerate your development as a medical student and future physician. You’ll even get our personal recommendations for outside resources, such as specific websites and apps, that gave us a leg-up during medical school. NO OTHER book offers this much information, assembled together in one place, and without the fluff. Below are some of the key topics we chose to cover:

- Study tips to help you sail through classes
- Test-taking strategies to help you ace the USMLE and/or COMLEX board exams
- Accelerated learning techniques like speed reading, memory palaces, and mind mapping
- Time-management and productivity hacks
- Tools for self-assessment to track your development
- Advice on wellness, work-life balance, and burnout prevention